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Elyon - Ritorno da regina (2002) by Francesco Artibani. The W.i.t.c.h. series created by Elisabetta Gnone. © Disney

This site contains a small collection of information regarding Disney's and Pixar's animated films, TV cartoons, comics and the likes. In essence it is the international edition of the original Disneyania site in Swedish.

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Regarding the TV series episode lists: none of these lists are made by me, I have simply found them on the net. In some cases there are copyright statements, in others there are not. If you are the author of any of these lists and don't want it to be found here, e-mail me at the address below.

The original Disneyania site in Swedish has a lot more content than this one. Unfortunately it's a bit more demanding of the reader - you have to know Swedish...