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Disney's Cartoon Tales

Cartoon Tales were square-bound, soft cover comic books with 48 pages, featuring reprints of some of the comics based on the tv-series. A total of fourteen issues were published before cancellation of the series.

Set I

(Autumn 1991)

The Little Mermaid: Under the Sea
Movie adaption.

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers: The Secret Casebook
Same stories as in Disney Comics Album #5

TaleSpin: The Sky-Raker
First published in TaleSpin #1 and #2.

DuckTales: Dime After Dime
Two stories first published in Disney Adventures #5 and #6 and one new story.

Roger Rabbit: Who Framed Rick Flint?
Reprints one story originally published in Roger Rabbit #11, one from Roger Rabbit #7 and one from Roger Rabbit #10

Mickey & Minnie: Mystery in Mouseton
Story first published in Mickey Mouse Adventures #11-14.

Set II

TaleSpin: Surprise in the Skies (Winter 1991/1992)
F'reeze a Jolly Good Fellow
Contractual Desperation. Stories by Bobbi JG Weiss, art by Oscar Saavedra, Hector Saavedra, Ruben Torreiro and Roberto Bat. (Comics first published in TaleSpin #6 and #4.)

101 Dalmatians: Canine Classics (Winter 1991/1992)
Movie adaption.

Beauty and the Beast: A Tale of Enchantment (Winter 1991/1992)
A Tale of Enchantment. (Movie adaption.) Story by Bobbi JG Weiss, art by Colleen Doran and Dave Hunt.

Ariel & Sebastian
Serpent Teen. Two part story originally published in The Little Mermaid #1 and 2.
Story by Peter David, art by Chuck Austen, Lea Hernandez, Bill Fugate and Dave Hunt.

Darkwing Duck (February 1992)
Just Us Justice Ducks. Story by Doug Gray, art by John Blair Moore and Gary Martin. [Not a reprint story.]

Uncle Scrooge (February 1992)
Blast to the Past

Beauty and the Beast: The New Adventures (December 1992)
Reprints the two issue mini series of Beauty and the Beast.

Darkwing Duck: Capes and Capers (December 1992)
No info.

Outside the sets

Movie adaption.

Reprinted from the Dinosaurs Graphic Novel #1.

The listing of the issues is entirely based on information about the comic books in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, issues 567-570 and 578. I do not have any of the issues myself. Thanks to Roger N. for filling in some blanks. Additional information about the comic books is welcome.

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