The "101 Dalmatians - The Series" Episode Guide

by: Juan F. Lara
All rights reserved

"101 Dalmatians - The Series" featured a total of 65 episodes in its 1997-98 season. 25 full-length episodes and 80 shorts. Because of that large number of cartoons, I decided to use the format of Steve P. Calica's Gummi Bears Episode Guide for this episode guide. Below are the episodes listed in order if their "DL number".

Cast List

"The Trio" refers to Lucky, Rolly and Cadpig, while "The Main Pups" refers to the Trio plus Spot.

Lucky Pamela Segall
Debi Mae West
Cadpig Kath Soucie
Rolly Kath Soucie
Spot Irma Chicken Tara Charendoff
Cruella DeVil April Winchell
Roger Dearly Jeff Bennett
Anita Dearly Kath Soucie
Nanny Charlotte Rae
Scorch Frank Welker
Jasper Badun Michael McKean
Horace Badun David L. Lander
Ed Pig Jim Cummings
Dumpling Christine Cavanaugh
Princess Cree Summer-Francks
Duchess Marla Gibbs
Cornelia Tress MacNeille
Lucy Goose Paddi Edwards
Swamp Rat Jeff Bennett
Steven Frank Welker
Cydne Frank Welker
Tripod Toran Caudell
Lieutennant Pug Jeff Bennett
Colonel Jim Cummings
Sergeant Tibbs Jeff Bennett
Captain Jim Cummings
Mooch Danny Cooksey
Two-Tone Tara Charendoff?
Dipstick Thom Adcox-Hernandez
Wizzer Christine Cavanaugh
Thunderbolt Frank Welker
Rex Hunter Cam Clarke
Pongo Kevin Schon
Perdita Pam Dawber
Patch Justin Shenkarow
P.H. DeVil Jeff Bennett
Ivy Rachel Crane
Vendela DeVil Tara Charendoff
Cecil B. DeVil Rob Paulsen
Dr. Whittaker April Winchell
Pamela Lee Frizzle Kath Soucie?
Ahab Pat Corley
Starbuck Tom Wilson
Ralphie St. LowrentJeff Bennett
Leticia Windemere April Winchell?
dog catcher Jeff Bennett?
mayor Jeff Bennett

Weekday Syndication Episodes

52 episodes premiered in Weekday Syndication. Also, episose #53 from ABC Saturday Morning was shown in the weekday broadcast and so is listed here. At present, #53 is the only Saturday Morning ep to have a weekday broadcast.

##Title of episode Date Debuted
1You Slipped a Disk 09/01/97
Chow About That?
2Tic Track Toe 09/02/97
Lucky All-Star
3Market Mayham 09/10/97
Lucky to be Alone
4Leisure Lawsuit 09/04/97
Purred It Through the Grapevine
5Our Own Digs 09/05/97
Goose Pimples
6Double Dog Dare 09/29/97
Mooove It On Over
7You Say It's Your Birthday 09/16/97
8Frisky Business 09/22/97
Cadet of the Month
9Four Stories Up 09/11/97
10Shake, Rattle, and Woof 09/03/97
Cadpig Behind Bars
11Treasure of Swamp Island 10/20/97
Lord of the Termites
12Shipwrecked 10/01/97
13It's a Swamp Thing 09/12/97
Roll Out the Pork Barrel
14Citizen Canine 09/18/97
15Fountain of Youth 10/30/97
Walk a Mile in my Tracks
16Smoke Detectors 09/26/97
Lobster Tale
17Spots and Shots 10/13/97
On the Lamb
18Valentine Daze 09/23/97
19Snow Bounders 11/11/97
Gnaw or Never
20Mall Pups 10/03/97
21Shrewzle Watch 10/06/97
The Life You Save
22Oozy Does It 09/17/97
23The Maltese Chicken 11/07/97
24The Fungus Among Us 09/09/97
25Close but no Cigar 09/25/97
Invasion of the Doggy Snatchers
26Poison Ivy 11/14/97
Twelve Angry Pups
27Cruella World 10/31/97
28Film Fatale 11/10/97
My Fair Chicken
29Virtual Lucky 11/21/97
30Hail to the Chief 11/03/97
Food for Thought
31Alive N' Chicken 09/15/97
Prima Doggy
32Two Faces of Anita 09/08/97
33The Artist Formerly Known as Spot 11/25/97
The Nose Knows
34The Good-bye Chick 11/17/97
35K Is For Kibble 01/05/98
36Robo-Rolly 11/20/97
Splishing and Splashing
37Cupid Pups 11/24/97
38Every Little Crooked Nanny 01/30/98
Cone Head
39The Making Of... 02/09/98
40Humanitarian of the Year 01/12/98
41Coup DeVil 01/19/98
42Beauty Pageant Pandemonium 01/16/98
43Channels 02/06/98
44DeVil-Age Elder 02/16/98
45Best of Show 02/11/98
Walk on the Wild Side
46Jurassic Bark 02/20/98
My Fair Moochie
47Horace and Jasper's Big Career Move 02/13/98
48Dog Food Day Afternoon 02/23/98
Spot's Fairy God-Chicken
49Good Neighbor Cruella 02/27/98
Animal House Party
50Dalmatian Vacation, Part 1: Road Warriors 03/02/98
51Dalmatian Vacation, Part 2: Cross-Country Calamity03/03/98
52Dalmatian Vacation, Part 3: Dearly Beloved 03/04/98
53Full Metal Pullet 09/20/97
Dough the Right Thing

1a.The Trio chases after Scorch when he steals a diskette that Roger ordered Lucky to keep out of Cruella's hands.
1b.The trio try to figure out a way to break into the silo when they miss lunch.
2a.The Main Pups help their idol Go-Go the greyhound when a racetrack accident leaves him afraid of bunnies.
2b.Convinced that he is Roger's favorite, Lucky bitterly competes with Tripod over whom Roger will enter in a bone-digging contest.
3a.The Main Pups sneak into the supermarket to make sure that the humans buy Kanine Krunchies instead of Anymutt dogfood.
3b.When Lucky wants to live alone, Pongo and Perdita send him to live with Perdita's rich cousins Coco and Beamer Vandercreme.
4a.Cruella fakes an injury on Dearly property so that she can sue them for the farm.
4b.The Main Pups get an emergency Bark Brigade message but don't know how to translate it.
5a.The Main Pups establish their own place in a haystack, but Pug steals it from them.
5b.While on a midnight march in the woods, each Main Pup seems to disappear into the hands of the monstrous Lockjaw
6a.Lucky dares Spot to steal Cruella's sleeping mask while Cruella sleeps.
6b.Cadpig's headstrong efforts to resolve a small dispute between the cows leads to disaster.
7. The Main Pups think the Dearlys are going to give them all away. Cruella thinks Anita is moonlighting for Ralphie St. Lowrent.
8a.The Main Pups steal Cruella's car to try to drive to a Kanine Krunchies tasting party in Stiffle.
8b.Lucky's plan to earn paw merits by saving Pug's life goes horribly awry.
9. When the ending of a "Thunderbolt, P.I." episode gets preempted by the Cruella-thon the Main Pups each make up endings of their own.
10a.Cruella dupes the Dearlys into signing onto a terrible variety series where they'll forfeit the farm if they quit.
10b.Thrown into the pound, Cadpig tries to help her fellow inmates but drives them up the wall instead.
11a.The Main Pups compete against each other in a treasure hunt, but the treasure turns out to be just some jewels Cruella is hiding from an IRS agent.
11b.The Main Pups have the run of the farm when they come home to find it evacuated so that Jasper and Horace can fumigate it for termites.
12. Both Cruella and the Dearlys take a three-hour riverboat cruise on Ahab and Starbuck's boat. But Lucky and Scorch wind up stranded on a desert isle.
13a.The Main Pups first meet the swamp denizens when they defy the Colonel's orders and explore the swamp.
13b.Rolly becomes Ed Pig's protege when he has a fallout with the other pups and Ed gets fed up with Dumpling.
14. Lucky runs against Ed Pig for mayor to get rid of his unfair laws.
15a.Cruella thinks the Dearlys' water can make people young again.
15b.Pug and Cornelia boast that each can do the other's job and then switch jobs to prove it.
16a.The Main Pups try to get Cruella to quit her smoking habit when she has to move in with the Dearlys.
16b.Cadpig liberates a lobster named Lance from his restaurant fish tank and tries to find a new home for him.
17a.Lucky hides in the DeVil manor when the vet visits to administer shots to the pups.
17b.An adventure-hungry Lucky leads the others in a lambhunt for Lambo, a deranged lamb running amok in Grutley.
18. Lonely Cruella thinks Roger's fancy valentine for Anita is for her instead, while Horace and Dumpling try to find love with a reluctant Nanny and Lucky.
19a.The Main Pups stowaway on Roger and Pongo's winter camping trip but wind up stranded in woods with Cruella.
19b.Rolly suddenly develops an insatiable desire to chew on expensive shoes, and Cruella schemes to use his addiction to bankrup the Dearly's.
20. The Main Pups skip map-reading class to see First Dog Filibuster at the Stiffle Mall, but soon regret cutting that class.
21a.Cruella claims to have spotted the rare solitary tree shrewzle on Dearly property. So the Dearly's must sell the farm to Cruella for her to convert it to a shrewzle sanctuary.
21b.To Lucky's annoyance, Dumpling starts serving Lucky hand and foot when he inadvertently saves her life.
22a.The animals all join forces when Cruella dumps blue dye from her blue jeans factory into Hiccup Hole.
22b.Cruella will take posession of the farm if she can maintain residence in the barn for 24 hours.
23. Spot becomes Pullet Marlow, Private Chick and tries to catch the thief who stole Cornelia's new giant egg in this film noir parody.
24. Cruella tries to steal a crop of wild mushrooms growing on the farm that give off a wonderful scent.
25a.The Main Pups try to get to the county fair when they miss the bus going there.
25b.When the Trio won't let Spot into the barn, a hen named Sal asserts that the pups have become possessed by aliens.
26a.Cruella's seemingly innocent niece Ivy actually has an evil plan when she visits the Dearly farm.
26b.Someone has stolen stuff from all the farm animals, and they blame Mooch for the thefts.
27. Lucky discovers that Cruella's new theme park is actually a front for an illegal oil-drilling operation. But everyone else thinks he's telling a tall tale.
28a.Lucky talks the others into trying to sneak in the Cruellaplex to see "Thunderbolt - The Movie".
28b.The trio helps Spot relearn how to act like a chicken in time for the Silver Egg Social. Jasper and Horace hunt for feathers for Cruella.
29. Roger's Buggy computer sucks Cruella and Lucky into Roger's new computer game.
30a.Rolly doubts that he can live up to the legend of great grandfather Rolondo when the pups participate in a contest for the position of Chief Firedog.
30b.P.H. DeVil uses Rolly's appetite to lure him into the animal testing lab of his Double Dip Ice Cream factory.
31a.Spot mistakenly believes she has only until nightfall to live. Knowing better, the Trio takes this as an opportunity to get her to live life to the fullest.
31b.Lucky wins a starring role in Cecil B. DeVil's latest Kanine Krunchies commercial.
32. Cruella disguises herself as Anita in order to steal an award from her.
33a.Cruella's art critic friend Leticia judges some paint marks Spot makes as great art. So Spot becomes excited at the possibility that she might be a genius artist.
33b.Pug puts Rolly through a tough endurence test in an effort to get him kicked out of the Bark Brigade. But Rolly's expert tracking ability will save him.
34. Spot decides to run away when she can't fit in with either the dogs or the chickens.
35. Spot becomes Pullet Marlow again to find the culprit behind mysterious disappearances of kibble from the chow tower.
36a.Cruella downsizes Anita so that she'll then work for Ralphie. Then she has P.H. DeVil kidnap Rolly and replace him with a robot double to spy on Anita's work.
36b.Pongo and Perdita forbid the Main Pups from using Hiccup Hole when Lucky won't apologize to Lucy for splashing her.
37. The Main Pups secretly help Cruella romance Baron Efrem Von Schnittkerdoodle so that she can marry him and move away.
38a.Cruella disguises herself as housekeeper Cranny to find out about Anita's secret project for "royal" clients.
38b.To his embarrassment, Lucky has to wear a doggy cone when he bruises his head, while Roger deals with a baldspot.
39. At the 101D cast party, the Main Pups make a documentary about how they made "101 Dalmatians - the Series".
40. Cruella competes for the title of the Grutely Do-Gooder's Humanitarian of the Year. But the Main Pups find a box full of photos of Cruella's past misdeeds in this clip show.
41. Cruella's mother Manevola proclaims that the DeVil that succeeds in stealing the Dearly farm will inherit her fortune.
42a.The Main Pups thwart Ivy's attempts to beat Anita's cousin Amber in the Junior Miss Grutely Pageant by cheating.
42b.A bored Dumpling wants to join the Main Pups, but they won't have her.
43a.The Main Pups go to Grutely to help Anita while the other animals fight over what channel to watch.
43b.Lucky thinks he's a jinx when the fur of his horseshoe spots falls out.
44. While out on a picnic, the Dearly's and the Main Pups discover DeVilVille, the enchanted village that appears only once every 100 years.
45a.Spot helps out when the Dearly's enter the trio in a dog show against Cruella's new pet, Vendela.
45b.Fed up with always being a sucker, Rolly teams up with the Swamp Rat to become an expert scam artist.
46a.Lucky stumbles upon CavePup, a 10000 year old prehistoric dog that he revives and tries to protect from Cruella and P.H.
46b.Cadpig and Mooch fall in love, but Cadpig forces Mooch into acting the rigid way she wants him to act.
47. At a job interview, Horace and Jasper recall their previous jobs in their own clip show.
48a.Rolly notices something different about the kibble, and leads the others into discovering Cruella behind the change.
48b.Drumstick the title character grants Spot's wish to be a dog.
49a.P.H. DeVil splits Cruella's good side into a clone meant to improve her image. But the Good Cruella becomes an overbearing pest for both the Dearly's and the DeVils.
49b.The Dearlys and Pongo & Perdita go off on a romantic weekend leaving the Main Pups in charge of the house. But the Swamp Rat takes over the house for a party and Cadpig succombs to Petting Deficit Syndrome.
50. Roger plans a second honeymoon trip culminating in the Dearlys renewing their vows. But the Dearlys wind up taking the 101 dalmatians AND Cruella along with them.
51. Discovering a new way to steal the farm, Cruella parts ways from the Dearlys and tries several stunts to keep them from getting to the church in time.
52. The Main Pups try to get the Dearlys back together and race to the church, encountering a saucer cult along the way.
53a.To get into the Bark Brigade, Lucky wants to throw Spot off his drill team, and lets Pug bully her around.
53b.The pups return to Cruella a purse full of money that they think is hers, but then have to retrieve the purse when it turns out to be Anita's instead.

ABC Saturday Morning Episodes

Listed below are 12 of the 13 episodes that premiered on ABC Saturday Morning. Unfortunately I do not know their DL numbers. So I've listed them using a letter order instead. Episode #53 was originally #AB, but its DL number was revealed when it was shown in syndication. If anyone knows the DL numbers of the Saturday Morning shows, please e-mail me. I would greatly appreciate having the numbers.

##Title of episode Date Debuted
AAHome is Where the Bark Is 09/13/97
ACHe Followed Me Home 09/27/97
Love 'Em and Flea 'Em
ADHowl Noon 10/04/97
Easy on the Lies
AETwo for the Show 10/11/97
An Officer and a Gentledog
AFBad to the Bone 10/18/97
Southern Fried Cruella
AGSwine Song 10/25/97
Watch for Falling Idols
AHThe High Price of Fame 11/01/97
The Great Cat Invasion
AINo Train, No Gain 11/08/97
AJRolly's Egg-Celent Adventure11/15/97
Wild Chick Chase
AKThe Dogs of DeVil 11/22/97
Dog's Best Friend
ALA Christmas Cruella 12/20/97
AMOut to Launch 01/10/97
Prophet and Loss

AA. The Dearlys finally decide to move into General Smedley's old farm in the series pilot, but the Trio doesn't want to leave Grutely.
ACa.The Main Pups try to keep as a pet Jimbo, an elephant that wandered off from a circus. But Cruella might cite Jimbo as a violation of the Dearly farm lease if she finds him.
ACb.After being dissed by Mooch, Two-Tone decides to go to the Four Foot Fall Ball with Lucky instead.
ADa.Cadpig and the other pups reluctantly help out Pug when his childhood enemy Persian Pete comes back to get him.
ADb.Rolly lies to the Colonel to get out of a storytelling session with him and go swimming with the others. But the Main Pups then have a big hassle trying to get to Hiccup Hole.
AEa.Lucky turns into a jerk when he makes the others compete to be his partner in a game show.
AEb.Lucky competes with Tripod in an obstacle course.
AFa.Rolly fakes a fight with Cydne Snake to get Mooch's gang off his back. But this "fight" gets him admitted into the gang.
AFb.Cruella passes herself off as the Southern bred owner of the Dearly farm to impress client Wild Bill Spotty.
AGa.The others help Rolly romance Dumpling when he suddenly falls in love with her.
AGb.The makers of "Thunderbolt" come to the Dearly farm to film their show. But the real Thunderbolt disappoints Lucky.
AHa.Spot agrees to "buy respect" from the Swamp Rat wherein the Rat stages rescues for Spot to gain fame with, but at a terrible price for his services.
AHb.The Main Pups trick Pug into mistaking a Cruella fashion exhibit for his Great Cat Invasion, only to be besieged by an actual invasion of cats that Cruella brought in for her exhibit.
AI. The Main Pups and the Colonel try to stop Cruella from stealing the railway car and selling it to Billy Fences.
AJa.Rolly promises to protect Cornelia's eggs from Scorch. But the eggs hatch, and so Rolly raises the chicks as dogs.
AJb.Spot vainly tries to babysit Peeps and have fun swimming at Hiccup Hole at the same time.
AKa.The Main Pups mistakenly believe that Anita and Perdita are leaving their husbands after the couples have arguments.
AKb.Rolly gets depressed when Lucky becomes best friends with a german sheppard pup named Blaze who tells fantastic stories of his past adventures.
AL. The Main Pups give Cruella the Dickens treatment when she fires Anita on Christmas Eve.
AMa.The Main Pups stumble on Cruella's newly acquired Kaputnik battle cruiser, whose on board computer VLAD tricks them into launching it with them on board.
AMb.Cadpig plays along when the other farm animals come to believe that she's psychic.

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