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Talespin in Sweden

The cartoon show TaleSpin made its Swedish premiere in August 1992 when the first part of "Plunder and Lightning" (Blixtattacken) was aired by the public-TV's Channel 1. During the following years the show has also aired in the commercial channels TV3 and Channel 5. Some episodes that never aired during the first run, were then broadcast for the first time.

Swedish translations

English nameSwedish nameExact translation from Swedish
Kit CloudkickerVille VirvelWill (William) Whirl
Rebecca CunninghamRebecca Cunningham-
Molly CunninghamMolly Cunningham-
Shere KhanShere Khan-
Don KarnageDon Karnage-
DumptruckTruckenthe Truck
SeaduckVildandWild duck
Higher for HireFar och FlygGo and Fly (It's an dismissive expression that might be loosly translated as "Go away, don't bother me".)
Cape SuzetteKap SuzetteCape Suzette
Iron VultureStålgamenSteel Vulture
ThembriaThembria/Dembria- (It's just a difference in pronounciation, "th"-sounds don't exist in modern Swedish.)

TaleSpin comics in Sweden

Only one of the comics has been published in Sweden, it's "Flight of the Sky-Raker" -- Swedish title: "Jakten på det försvunna flygplanet" (The hunt for the lost airplane) -- originally published in TaleSpin #1 and 2. In Sweden -- as well as Denmark -- it is found in Disney's TV-series #2 1993, which was the last issue of that publication.

There were also some story books for smaller children published.

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