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Junior Woodchucks

The Walt Disney's Junior Woodchucks comics were published by Walt Disney Publications as a limited series - i.e. a market research - in 1991. After the four limited series issues no more were published.

These four issues are listed below.

No. 1 July 1991
Bubbleweight Champ (KJW005-1/WD282-643)
Story and art by Carl Barks

Finders Weepers (KJWOO6-1/S87094)
By Carl Fallberg, Saavedra and Torreiro.

No. 2 August 1991
The Spirit of Chief Firebird (KJW014-1/S87094)
Story by Vic Lockman; Art by the Jaime Diaz Studio.

Snow Help (KJW018-1)
Story and art by unknown.

Wrongway Jones (KJW011-1/S-86180)
Story and art by unknown.

No. 3 September 1991
Rescue Runaround (JW012-1/S85243)
Story by Vic Lockman; Dialog by John Blair Moore; Penciled by Saavedra; Inked by Paura; Lettered by Clem Robins; Coloring by Sue Daigle.

The Gold Hound (KJW013-1)
Story by Bob Langhans; Dialog by John Blair Moore; Penciled by Uzal; Inked by Torreiro; Lettered by Dan McKinnon; Coloring by Joan Goldman.

No. 4 October 1991
The Cave Caper! (KJW015-1/S-88009)
Story and art by unknown.

Sleepy Valley (KJW017-1/S-88239)
Story and art by unknown.

Doubtful Deeds (JW007-1/D3445)
Story and art by unknown.

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