Goof Troop Episode List

A Goof Of The People

Goofy battles Pete in a race for Mayor with the issue being SlimeCo, a toxic waste company that's been polluting the air and water of Spoonerville.

A Pizza The Action

When Pete gets a pizza parlor, he cons Goofy and Max into thinking that if they don't sell enough pizzas to turn a profit, they'll lose their house.

All The Goof That's Fit To Print

Pete starts his own newspaper to run full-size ads of his RVs, but when the kids decide to use sensationalism, the tables turn on old Petey.

And Baby Makes Three

Fearing that a new arrival to Pete's family will get them iced out, PJ, Pistol and Max give Pete a "baby" he'll never forget.

As Goof Would Have It

- Pete tries to lose weight on a plan that pays for every pound lost, but when he isn't successful, he has the svelte Goofy take his place.

Axed By Addition

- Thinking he's flunked his math final, PJ goes for one last "fling" before being grounded for life.

Big City Blues

Max and PJ go downtown and learn about life in the big city.

Bringin' On The Rain

A major drought has hit Spoonerville, but that doesn't stop Pete from growing a lush tropical garden in his back yard -- at Goofy's expense.

Buddy Building

Max and PJ meet up with a friend, Coop Hatchback, whose dad is one of Pete's rivals -- and try to get ahold of Arnold Strudelnasher.

Cabana Fever

Peg takes the kids on a camping trip, leaving Pete and Goofy alone to mind the house.

Calling All Goofs

When Goofy can't afford to go to Tierra del Fungo for his family reunion, Peg decides to bring the reunion to him.

Cat's Entertainment

When Horace, beloved star of cat food commercials, passes away, Pete tries to get Waffles to substitute for the late kitty.

Clan Of The Cave Goof

- Goofy uses the family album to tell Max how important regular dental checkups are.

Close Encounters Of The Weird Mime

While doing a science project, Max and PJ inadvertently get the entire town of Spoonerville excited over an alien invasion.

Come Fly With Me

- When Pete gets zapped by his computer, he turns into a fly.

Counterfeit Goof

Goofy is mistaken for his double, a master counterfeiter, by the "big boss" of a local mob.

Date With Destiny

When Max says Goofy's getting married (to avoid an awkward moment at school), Peg sets out to find Goofy the ideal match.

Dr. Horatio's Magic Orchestra

Pete's nightmare of once getting stage fright during a band concert returns to haunt him.

E = mc Goof

Goofy and Pete get shot into space, with a monkey as pilot.

Educating Goofy

When Max points out to Goofy that he never went to grade school, Goofy decides to go back, humiliating Max in the process.

Everything's Coming Up Goofy (Forever Goof, Pt I)

Goofy moves to Spoonerville with Max -- and next door to old pal Petey.

Fool's Gold

After Chainsaw's nose digs up some gold dust, Goofy and Pete go prospecting for the gold nugget that's "too big to mine."

For Pete's Sake

When Goofy tries to replace one of Pete's tools, Pete becomes paranoid and thinks that someone's out to get him.


Goofy inherits an estate that the villagers believe is haunted by a monster.

>From Air To Eternity

- PJ tries to combat his fear of heights by entering a contest, then uses it to teach his dad a lesson about lying.

Good Neighbor Goofy (Forever Goof, Pt II)

- Part II of how Goofy and Max met with Pete and family.

Goodbye Mr. Goofy

Pete finds Goofy's misplaced mortgage money and uses it to teach Goofy a lesson about being more responsible.

Goof Fellas

Goofy and Pete go on the run from gangsters.

Goof Under My Roof

Looking at a property map, Pete thinks he owns half of Goofy's house.

Goofin' Hood & His Melancholy Men

Goofy narrates, from the family album, how Goofin' Hood kept the peace (sort of!) in medieval times.

Goofin' Up The Social Ladder

Peg tries to hobnob with old Mrs. Willoughby and her filthy-rich snobs, with the whole gang help her try to make a good impression.

Goofs Of A Feather

Pete and Goofy play host to a family of ducks after Pete thinks he's shot their father dead.

Great Egg-Spectations

- Wanting a pet of his own, Max finds an egg that hatches into his new pet, a baby lake dinosaur.

Gunfight At The Oakie-Doak Corral

Goofy battles Pistol Pete in this Old West tale narrated from the family album.


Peg flirts with Tan Roadster, one of Pete's rivals, making him jealous.


Pete acquires an old, haunted mansion -- haunted by a trio of ghostly musicians.

* Have Yourself A Goofy Little Christmas

Goofy and Max join Pete and his family for a Christmas vacation in Aspen, Colorado.

Hot Air

Pistol wants to fly and will do anything to do so.

In Goof We Trust

- Pete uses a mind-control helmet to change honest, naive Goofy into a great car salesman, but things don't exactly go as planned.

Inspector Goofy

When Pete gets Goofy hired as a safety inspector to shut down Pete's rival Earl's lot, he creates a ticket-monster instead.

Leader Of The Pack

When Max's cousin Debbie comes to visit, he plots with her to teach 18-year-old Duke a lesson about respecting "dweebs."

Lethal Goofin'

When PJ beats Tooth, the school bully, he and Max become safeties and uncover a baseball-card scam.

Major Goof

Peg's retired uncle visits and trains Goofy to be an Army soldier, while Pete tries to use him for a July 4th car sale promotion.

Maximum Insecurity

Max and PJ help teach Leech a lesson about stealing.

Max-imum Protection

Goofy teaches Max a lesson about being prepared for burglars.

Meanwhile, Back At The Ramp

Goofy wants to win an award for his high-school reunion by skateboarding down the tallest ramp (built by Pete, naturally).

Midnight Movie Madness

Pete deliberately (and Goofy accidentally) scares Max and PJ on a dark and stormy night after they come home from "The Mutilator On Main Street".

Mrs. Spoonerville

Goofy and Pete compete for the title of Mrs. Spoonerville, an award for the best home economist.

Nightmare On Goof Street

A couple of thugs con Pete into taking his house apart, piece by piece.

O, R-V, I N-V U

Pete takes his latest RV, the Pete-mobile, to Las Vegas.

Partners In Grime

Pete and Goofy get ahold of a farmload of animals.

Peg O' The Jungle

Pete takes Peg on a really cheap tropical vacation to show his love for her, but learns (with a little help) just how much she means to him.

Pete's Day At The Races

Pete tells how he wagered -- and lost -- with a racing horse.


Pistol conjures up a seemingly real imaginary friend to keep her company.

Puppy Love

PJ falls for Rose, the new girl in town, but his and Max's plan to impress her gets Max a date with her to the dance instead.

Queasy Rider

Max discovers his dad's chopper and becomes the "ultimate menace on two wheels."

Rally Round The Goof

Thinking that Goofy is a good-luck charm, Pete decides to let him drive his car in a race.

Shake, Rattle & Goof

Max and PJ aspire to becoming rock musicians.

Sherlock Goof

Goofy narrates, from the family album, how Sherlock Goof kept the peace in Spoonerville's earlier days.

Slightly Dinghy

Max wants a quarter to buy a video game, but ends up searching for a lost sunken treasure.

Take Me Out Of The Ball Game

Pete and Goofy get Max and PJ unwillingly involved in the Spoonerville Sluggers little league baseball team.

Talent To The Max

A sinister hat helps Max do some great magic tricks and forget all about his assistant, PJ.

Tee For Two

While Pete buys Goonie Golf with the intention of replacing it with an expanded RV lot, the others become activists to save it.

Terminal Pete

Thinking he's about to die, Pete decides to make a name for himself by doing one last stunt.

The Good, The Bad & The Goofy

Thinking that Goofy's a bad-luck jinx, Pete tries to use it against some inept crooks.

The Incredible Bulk

Goofy meets up with Myron, a cook turned wrestler.

The Ungoofables

Elliott Goof battles gangster versions of Pete and Peg in this tale narrated from the family album.

Three Ring Bind

Pistol tries to save a group of circus animals from their mean-spirited ringleader.

To Catch A Goof

Goofy learns the art of ninja and uses it to help keep Pete on his diet, while an overweight burglar prowls the neighborhood.

To Heir Is Human

Pete tricks PJ into doing his job so he can take the day off fishing.

Tub Be Or Not Tub Be

A bathtub race between Goofy and Pete tests PJ's loyalty to his dad and to Goofy and Max.

Unreal Estate

Peg tells Pete he'd better help her in a real estate deal instead of working on his boat -- or else.

Waste Makes Haste

Max and PJ get their dads involved in a recycling campaign, which escalates into a war for trash.

Where There's A Will, There's A Goof

Pete cons Goofy into pretending they're brothers to gain an inheritance, only to discover that instead they have to take care of a group of exotic sea animals.

Where There's Smoke, There's Goof

After Goofy helps put out a fire in Pete's back yard, he and Max are asked to be volunteer firefighters.

Window Pains

Peg tries to make money washing windows so she can surprise Pete with a new car, but Pete thinks she's competing with him for an award.

Winter Blunderland

The gang vacations in the mountains during winter, where Bigfoot falls in love with Goofy.

Wrecks, Lies & Videotape

Max enters his father in a contest for "The World's Most Painful Home Videos" to win a Hawaiian vacation, but when he wins, it's Pete who steals the prize.

You Camp Take It With You

Goofy and Pete take their sons camping and meet Humphrey the Bear, who's also there with his son. * - the Goof Troop Christmas special