Television Series Episode List

First Season - 1992/3

Whale of a Tale
Ariel befriends a baby killer whale, names him Spot, and "adopts" him. The inevitable trouble ensues as he grows.

The Great Sebastian
Sebastian, feeling unwanted, is appointed to be the Atlantican ambassador to Sharkania, and ends up thwarting their invasion plans.

Ariel discovers a wild giant seahorse named Stormy, and takes him for a danger-filled ride, against Triton's wishes.

Ariel befriends an orphan mer-boy named Urchin, who is being led astray by the Lobster Mobster (and Da Shrimp!).

Double Bubble
Ariel volunteers to babysit a pair of rambunctious mer-babies. While in her care, the babies are kidnapped by the Lobster Mobster.

Message in a Bottle
Ariel finds a map in a bottle, leading her to a very large but friendly monster named Simon. She befriends him and brings him home.

Ariel finds a charm bracelet, and gets it stuck on her wrist. Afraid to come home, she looks for the key and becomes trapped in a nasty undersea cavern.

Marriage of Inconvenience
Ariel and her friends mistakenly believe that Triton wants to marry her off to a prince of a neighboring kingdom. Their efforts to dissuade this lead to war.

The Evil Manta
Ariel inadvertantly releases the Evil Manta, who proceeds to sow dissention among the different species that populate Atlantica.

A sailor's boot falls into the sea during a sea battle. As a result of a nearby explosion, the "thingamajigger" is thought to be a powerful weapon, which the Evil Manta finds. Ariel sees Eric here, but not his face.

Triton has a spell cast on him, which turns him into a pre-teen merboy, giving Ariel the "opportunity" to play parent.

Ariel and Arista are left behind when everyone else goes to an amusement park, and must fend off two avaricious crocodiles intent on looting the Atlantican treasury.

Trident True
Ariel is trapped in a cave by a sea monster. Urchin goes for help, but instead of bringing Triton he takes the trident himself, and loses it. It ends up in the Evil Manta's clutches.

Eel-ectric City
Ariel visits Eel-ectric City, a popular "Pleasure Island" sort of place, with her free-spirited friend Pearl, and gets involved in a dangerous race.

  • All episodes by Walt Disney Television Animation (Japan).
  • "Whale of a Tale" not in regular rotation. Prime time special in first season; one-time-only lead episode in second season.

Second Season - 1993/4

Resigned to It
Sebastian, miffed at being left out of one of Triton's trips, resigns and looks for work, with little success. Later he saves Atlantica from the red tide.

Calliope Dreams
Triton gives Ariel a sea calliope, which she learns to play - very badly. Her efforts invoke the wrath of the Ancient Seaclops.

Save the Whale
Spot returns, and puts on a show for Atlantica. During the show, Spot is captured by a human promoter and forced to perform in a "sea World" type show. Ariel rescues him.

Against the Tide
Ariel befriends a "bad luck creature", and must protect him (later shown to be her) from Ursula.

Ariel has a spell placed on her by a sorcerer blowfish, which causes sea quakes whenever she laughs. She sets out to break the spell.

Wish Upon a Starfish
Ariel sees a human ballerina, and wishes to be able to dance. She befriends Gabriela, a hearing-impaired mermaid who wants to sing. Together they set out to find a magic starfish that will grant their wishes.

Tail of Two Crabs
Sebastian's crab rival, who has always bested him in every competitive event, visits Atlantica.

Metal Fish
Hans Christian Andersen (believe it or not!) develops a submarine and visits the undersea world, and becomes trapped. Ariel and her friends save his life.

T'ank You for Dat, Ariel
Sebastian laments his small size. Ariel visits the undersea equivalent of the Cave of Wonder, is granted the powers of a sea witch, and makes him bigger. Unfortunately he keeps growing.

  • First five by Walt Disney Television Animation (Japan); last four by Wang Film Production Company.
  • "Metal Fish" is an attempt to tie-in to the original Andersen story.

Third Season - 1994/5

Ariel meets Scuttle, but does not get along with him at first. Later together they save Prince Eric's ship. Eric thinks he saw a mermaid.

King Crab
Sebastian, in his letters home, has told his parents that he runs Atlantica. When they show up to visit, his friends try to make it look like that's the case. It works - for a while.

Island of Fear
Sebastian is captured by a Frankensteinian mad scientist performing genetic mutation experiments on crabs. He befriends the madman's assistant, a boy named Daniel; together they shut down the operation.

Land of the Dinosaurs
The royal family visits a spa in the far North. Ariel finds a number of dinosaurs trapped in ice, and uses Triton's trident to set them free. Predictably, they run amok.

Apollo, hero of the Octopan War, returns to Atlantica. Together he and Ariel set out to find Valhalla, home of the mer-Vikings. Turns out Apollo wasn't a hero, but he does become one here.

The Beast Within
Flounder is bitten by a werewolf-like Howling Hairfish, and becomes one himself. Ariel and friends try to reverse the affliction.

Ariel's Treasures
Ursula places spells on items in Ariel's collection of human artifacts, turning them into destructive devices, in an effort to overthrow Triton.

A Little Evil
Ariel befriends the Evil Manta's son, Little Evil.

  • All episodes by Wang Film Production Company.